I hammed Oyeunji,Mum my siblings and all Oyetunji Familys in Gbogan in Osun State Missing you every moment DAD

by Hammed. O . Oyetunji

Can't believe i won't see you anymore My dad (Alhaji Abudul Waidi Oyetunji) ,....It's 8days today you answered GOD call.
But the most important thing I can say about Alhaji Abudul Waidi Oyetunji (my father) he is a religion man and try all his possible best to let us (all his children,family's and many pple) move closer to Allah in times of sollat nd in times all other things God as us to do in life. I never doubted my Dad's words cuz he do not lie, He always take good care of all pple not only his family. He can't do in a day without praying for his children and others pple children...He do sure he gave us a gift that a father give his child by not to depend on anyone but Allah in BADtimes/GOODtime..he never blve some1 can harm him cuz he so much blve in God nd dat anythin dat happen was God wills,,,,,Just like dat,unbelivable it just like dream dat u're no more,we will never forget your present when alive,may your soul continue rest in perfet peace Dad

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