I am missing my beloved dadajaan and beloved dadiejaan snd my aunt my eldest phupo alot

by miss zainab

my grandparents were a very big support for me and there were always by my side when ever i need my grandprents they were always there to help me ut 24/7.They always loved me alot and they always loved me equally like my parents..I love my grandparents alot dearly..i was i am and i will always remember my grandparents with good names good prayers good duas and i cannot forget the irrepairable loss of my grandparents young death...i still cannot over come the death of my beloved dearest grandparents death...my grandparents and my aunts death has shouk me up...I love my aunt alot as well she was a very big suport for me always may allah bless them and may allah give my grandparents and my aunt the highest place in jannat al firdous one of the best 7 heavens Ameen sumameen illahie ameen....

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Oct 31, 2011
your losses
by: Janelle

I'm so sorry for the loss of your grandparents. I know that my grandparents are very dear to me as well. Grief affects us all differently. I don't know if you had time to look around the site. Many people like to make memory books as a way to remember their stories of their loved ones. I have created one memory book fore each one of my grandparents and I love to read the stories to my son. I think it is important for him to hear their stories.

You can also use grief journaling in a similar way to reflect on what their loss means to you.

May you each find your own way to be honest with your pain while continuing to look for beauty and hope in life.

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