husband is ill

by colleen
(iowa usa)

please pray for my husband rick. he has cancer. people have not been very supportive. his own relatives want to know all the details of his illness and what the prognosis is. they want to know how long he will live, they want his permission to plan his funeral, they want him to revise his will.

we have 2 little kids and this talk is upsetting to us. we are trying to stay positive, but these people want to focus on the negative and shut me out of my husbands medical care and end of life decisions. i am his wife, i do not want to loose him. why do they need to turn his illness into a war with me. i want his time, no matter how long, to be filled with pleasant and happy memories. but they want to come between us and make problems for us. they do not think i have the right to care for my husband and help make these decisions. my mother in law thinks she should be in charge, because it is the proper and best way. she never has accepted me. i am a good person and wife and mother. why does she have to hurt me and cause stress for my husband. he should not have to choose between his wife or mother at a time of illness.

i am so upset that i do not know what to do. please pray for angels to intercede and protect my husband. myself, my marriage and our children. people are attacking us from all directions, not just my mother in law, but also my mother, neighbors, and towns people too. they enjoy seeing me cry and say we won't live long enough to see our kids grow up.

please, please, please please, please i even think of suicide. i am so tired and afraid and stressed please be with me Lord! Please hear my pleads. thank you

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Jun 16, 2010
prayer for hope
by: Anonymous

God of Hope,

We ask that you would hold Colleen and Rick and their children during this difficult time. May they feel you loving arms around them, upholding them and comforting them.

Please give them hope and direction for the future. We ask that they would have wisdom from you in dealing with these difficult family situations. We ask that they would find people that can support them and counsel them during this time.

We pray that they would sense purpose and hope for living. We ask that your life and your light would shine in their lives and that they would find true and deep healing.


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