Hope for my relationship

by Sharon
(New York)

I was in a long distance relationship with the man I love. But I cheated on him twice with a work colleague, and he can't get past that. I want to make our life work together, but I have to respect his wishes to not be with me.

I quite my job and moved overseas to be with my partner. But now I have to go home and try to sort my life out.

I am praying that God will show me the way to make this right. I want to prove to my ex that I am the one intended for him. That I am new, reborn. And that I am willing to do anything to be with him. I want him to know that the person I was doesn't exist, and I could never hurt him.

Please pray that I will have hope for the future.

Administrator's Comments


I don't know if you are familiar with the Biblical story of Ezekiel where he sees a valley full of dry bones. This story held great hope and symbolism for me when I was going through a time of needing hope for the future.

In the story Ezekiel comes to a valley with dried bones (scholars suggest that it was a former battle ground). As he looks over it, God asks him, "Son of man, can these bones live?"

Ezekiel's response to God is, "Oh God, only you know." At first glance it doesn't seem like an answer that is full of hope or faith. But at the same time, he isn't closed to the possibility. He doesn't just assume the rational answer of "no."

God asks Ezekiel to prophecy over the bones that they will be restored. Ezekiel does and he sees the bones come together, with muscles and skin being restored.

When I feel that something in my life is completely died and without hope. I like to use this story as a prayer.

Reflection for Meditation/Prayer

What in your life feels as dry as old bones? Feel the emptiness and brokenness of this situation.

Hear God ask you if these bones can live. What is your response? How does your hope compare with Ezekiel's?

Can you imagine new life being formed on these old bones in your life? What would it be like for you to "prophecy" new life into these bones. Spend some time visualizing what this would be like for you.

Prayer for Hope in Relationship

Restoring God,

We join Sharon in asking that you would restore hope in her for her life and relationship. We pray that you will continue to give her abundant hope as she looks to the future. May she be able to dream new dreams.

May all that felt dead within her be restored to new life. May she have new strength and new movement just as these bones did in the story.

Let your life flow to her in all things,


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