healing from depression

by judi
(kissimmee, fl usa)

after the loss of a child, brother, and grandmother, i have been tormented by the devil with depression and affliction and desperately need a healing to take place in my life for the devil just doesn't seem to wanna let me go. he constantly tries to tempt me into doing things i shouldn't do, and constantly attacks my finances as well, leaving me even more depressed.

Administrator's healing from depression comments:


My heart is with you as you deal with this depression and turmoil you feel. Here is a link to a Prayer for Depression article
that I wrote. You might find it helpful. And below is my prayer for you.

May you find new hope,


God of Hope,

We ask that you would bring deep peace into Judi's life in spite of the difficulties she is facing. Feelings of loneliness and despair are normal human experiences after the loss of loved ones.

We ask that Judi would sense your light in the midst of the storm surrounding her. Help her to find ways to center herself and rest in a peace that transcends her circumstances.

Let her feel your strong and abiding love for her in all she faces each day.


Prayer for Depression article

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