Reflecting on Nature Photos
for handling grief

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Is this true for handling grief? For me this has been true. I tend to be more of a visual person than a word person. I see something of my story in images from nature. Somehow seeing my emotions reflected in the world around me helps me to know my feelings are valid. I am not alone. My story is seen and felt by something larger than myself.

Below are some photos that I have made during my wanderings. Perhaps you will also see some of your experience reflected in these images. I invite you to take a moment to sit with whichever photo draws you. Notice what the picture stirs within you.

An exercise that may be helpful is to look at a photo and journal answers to the following questions:

- What do I see?

- What do I feel?

- What do I think/know?

Rose bent over with snow

Falling Leaf

Single yellow leaf in sky

Rain Drops on Empty Stems

Yellow leaf held by bark

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