by Erin

Grammy, its been 4 months since you passed away. I think about you every day. You were taken from our family unexpectedly and it's been rough, I've cried a lot, thought about you, laughed at all of the great memories you gave me in only 13 years. I love you and miss you so much. i know pop-pop misses you, so does daddy and mommy and Alyssa and everyone you knew misses you a lot. I love you.

Love, your granddaughter,

Administrator reply:


I'm so sorry for this loss you and your family are going through. Grandmas are wonderful and the memories they create for us are wonderful too. But we sure do miss them when they are gone. Unexpected losses can be especially difficult to deal with.

I don't know if you would be interested in creating a scrapbook of your memories of your grandmother or get your granddad to tell you stories about their lives. But it might be something that you find enjoyable and helpful when you miss your grandmother.

I love to look back through my scrapbooks that I made of my grandparents through the years. You can check this memory book page for ideas if you would like.

Others find that they need to work through their grief emotions in more proactive ways. They have a lot of strong emotions that they feel needs to be expressed. They may find help on the grief journaling or the stages of grief hub pages.

May you find your own ways to be honest with your pain while continuing to look for beauty and hope in life.


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