Gone to soon!!

by Yvonne

My husband past away on June 26,2015. He was only 39. He pass away on a Friday night. He went to work, came home we had dinner he ask me to go get him a Gatorade I was gone 5 mins. When I got back I could hear him in the bathroom he was sweating eyes rolling back cold to touch shaking belly hurt trouble breathing I told him I'm calling 911 he said no I'll be fine.. I still called at 7:05pm. They got there we got to the hospital no sierns they said he was sweating because he was a big boy. We got to the hospital at 7:25pm. He blood pressure was under 90 and temp was 77 they try go warm him up. They took blood x-Ray and ct scan. He did have a belly hernia they were pushing on it he kept saying stop it hurts, please stop he yell where's my wife I was there the whole time.. They stop. He was thirsty but they couldn't give him nothing. I was giving him licks from a sponge. He said he love me and I said the same back. The doctor said they had to put a tube down him to help him breathe. They were giving him blood. Then his heart stop. For 24 mins he had no heartbeat then they got a faint one the priest pray over him. I held his hand I said it's ok you can go he squeeze back they lost his heartbeat again. They work a total of 45 mins. He pass away at 11:30pm. His autopsy said he pass away from a ruptured pancreatic cyst and no blood was going to his left side of heart.. We were married for 11 years. I'm 20 weeks pregnant. RIP MICHAEL I LOVE YOU ALWAYS AND ALWAYS

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Feb 02, 2017
oh my gosh
by: B.L.M.

thats sounds a lot like my story....my husband was 33.

Jun 18, 2016
Gone too soon
by: Anonymous

I'm so sorry for your loss. Much love to you and your new baby. Michael will be with you always.

Sep 22, 2015
Take care
by: debbie

Oh Please take care of you and that precious baby.
God Bless you and comfort you in this time of such great sorrow and grief.

Aug 04, 2015
So sorry
by: Bhavna

So sorry to hear. Life does not seem to be fair. It's the trying to get on with each day that is hard. Hope the new baby gives you comfort.

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