God's Little Angel Too

by Richard John Scarr
(Brighton England)

We only met just for a moment
For you barely saw the light of day.
God sent you here, then changed his mind.
And took you back the other way.

And it is so hard not to reason, Why?
And accept God's Will be done.
For it makes us weep how close we came.
To being your Dad and mum.

We think about you all the time.
In fact that is all we do!
We think about you every night.
And every morning too.

We think of you in silence.
We think of you in prayer.
And sometimes in our grief we cry:
Oh Lord--! It is so unfair!

Just considering what might have been.
Is more than we can bear.
So why then did God let it be?
That we are here, and you are there?

Yet, if we could ask him why he takes,
little angels just like you.
No doubt he would say, the reason is.
You are his little angel too!

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