Gertrude Bruce

by Gertrude

Please pray for all the heaviness and pain I am feeling in my heart because of the cold. For all lung pain and uncomfortable feelings in the sternum/ solar plexus diaphragm to GO in JESUS NAME. for total healing in the heart and lung area to be completely restored, NO relapses in JESUS NAME!.

For me to follow my true path in life as I am struggling in my job at the moment. For all blockages and abnormal breathing be healed in JESUS NAME especially when I am falling off to sleep. For perfect heartbeat at all time in JESUS NAME.

For strength to move with the LORD and do HIS WORK in JESUS NAME. For NEW strength in my heart so that it doesn't feel like it's going to give way. For a safe journey to and back from Kenya, no sickness as i am going to do the LORD's work in JESUS name. For NEW strength as I have little adopted boy to look after In JESUS NAME who needs me, he has had such a hard start to life. MERCY OH LORD No relapses from the heart healing because of the enemy.

Administrator's prayer:

This prayer comes from Joyce Rupp's Praying Our Goodbyes: A Spiritual Companion Through Life's Losses and Sorrows in a chapter of prayer for one who is in physical pain.

"God of oneness, wholeness, I hurt and pain and I dream of a day when I no longer feel continual distress in my body. I cry out to you to hear me, to stretch your arms of compassion to me and to embrace me with your comfort.

My being needs to be filled with your spiritual energy. I am weary with the struggle to feel well and to be in good health. It is so easy to slide into depression and self-pity, to be impatient and despondent. God of the living, hear me. Fill my empty places with hope.

Fill my life with a sense of joy in spite of this ceaseless pain. Help me to fight that giant oppressor of the spirit: discouragement. Remind me often of the good people of my life and of all the blessings that are mine as I struggle with this pain which is ever present to me. I praise and than you for being a God who never leaves me."

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