Gage's story continued

by Jennifer cereceres

For my next appt i had to make it for five weeks bc me and my family were going on vacation to Illinois to visit my mother in law. I had no problems that whole time except with constipation like i had with my other three pregnancies. That Monday July 23 I went in for my checkup. I had left a urine sample and they were concerned bc it had sugar in it. They tested my sugar and said it was too high and I would get a test for gestational diabetes at next visit. I went to a room and the doc came in with the doppler to check babys hb. Well she tried for five minutes and finally sent me for an u/s. She said not to worry but I was. When I went to the room the tech put the wand on me and asked me if the dr wanted to see me afterwards. I said no. She called dr in room and that is when i found out my baby had passed away. I was devastated as was my family. In the following days I had to go into labor artificially induced and have my son. Gage Guerrero Cereceres weighed 2.2 oz and was 5 1/2 in.

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