for a child, literal resurrection and strengthening/blessing of my dead marriage, guidance and enlightenment for a lost soul: my ex-wife

by Jason D'Angelo
(Albuquerque, NM, USA)

That I can get through the pain emotionally of my ex-wife quickly remarrying civilly as she has just two months after our divorce being finalized, and her perhaps cheating on me as she had been visiting the gentleman in Arkansas during our marriage whom she told me was married. That we can still always be AT LEAST great friends, that I remain close to her family, and things not be awkward. That she still completely and permanently recover from her alcoholism and bipolar disorder. That she decides and that God helps her fix and corrects any mistakes she has made. That I get to adopt one or two children within the next couple months and that they be the right children for me, that I do a good job as a father. That I get to remarry, and spiritually next time, and it be a beautiful inside and out, virtuous, Catholic woman with great morals and loves the Southwestern style, preferably to my ex-wife even in the midst of the current circumstances. That I be open, whether it be to my ex-wife after realizing her mistakes (which is what I want more than anything), completely reforming and becoming the type of woman I’ve always wanted, or someone I meet soon. That she love my future children and want to be their mother and want more with me as well. Nothing is impossible with God. Thanks and God bless you.

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Mar 27, 2011
Let the Wind Be to Your Back and the Horizon Be Before Your Eyes...
by: Anonymous


First, I would like to say sit down awhile and catch your breath... Do this mentally and literally. A great deal has happened in a short period of time. You need to release the psychological and emotional ties from the previous marriage because she is no longer your burden or responsibility. Take a cruise, road trip, start a hobby, etc...

You did not mention having any children from your past marriage; hence, I gather you had none. You are a free man, and everything else is really obsolete.

As for your desire to be buddy-buddy (friends) with your ex-wife, I urge you to use common sense. Since there is no children involved, let the wind be to your back. I am not saying to hold a grudge but use your head... You have a big heart but now it is time for you to invest in your own wellbeing. Move forward, onward, and upward because she certainly has.

Since you had to deal with an ex-wife who suffers from bipolarism, alcoholism and a heap of other issues, I could only imagine the amount of stress and abuse you have undergone. I would suggest that you go and have some therapy sessions for yourself before you even consider remarrying and adopting children because you would not be any benefit to either one of those commitments at this time.

Allow yourself to regroup and reorganize your priorities. Do not put the carriage before the horse because you will only end up with a concussion. I do not recommend that you take the ex-wife back after she has gone to be the wife of another man. Analyze it carefully perhaps with a therapist, and you will see my suggestion makes a whole lot of sense.

Make these goals your main priorities:

1. Regaining Jason's Identity.
2. Re-establishing Your Mission and Purpose.
3. Renewing/ re-entering a new relationship.
4. Adopting children

If you follow my suggestions in the order outlined above I am certain you will have guaranteed success.

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