eithans story

by kimber
(united states)

Two Years ago February 6 2010 , was the night ill never forget. eithan was born 1-6-2010. I was living with eithans grandmother and father. My ex- mother in law kept telling me I needed a break... I was hessitant. I was having family issues. Where my family didn't like my some father. so I decided to leave and go to. My ex's kiss mothers house and talk with his brothers and explain why eithan got to live with us and why they couldn't. I called. I fed eithan. Got him.ready for bed and handed him to Linda. I made sure she new where diapers and bottled where all out. I then left. At eleven I caller to check on eithan and Linda said he was doing great, that I didn't need to come home the roadside were to bad to be driving on. So I told her I would be home first thing in the morning.... I had this empty feeling i left my new born at home with grandma because I was told newborns shouldn't be out in the cold until they are six weekend old-time. So I did. Eithan would wake up every. Two hours to eat so imainge I couldn't sleep. So first thing that morning I began to call home. When I did dial home all I got was a busy signal beep.... beeep.... I thought to myself this isn't normal. So I kept trying to call. Then eithans Dada phone went off I jumped-up thinking it was grandma. ... it was eithans Dada friend that he had gotten into. Some trouble with so we ignored it. He called three times before we answered and he asked who was all at the trailor and eithans dad said my mom and the baby why, he told him the trailor was.level to the ground. Eithans. Dad said this isn't something you need to say. So we hung up the phone and called our local authority and they said all we can tell you is that there was a fire in the 6300 block I began screaming My NEWBORN SON IS THERE PLEASE TELL ME WHAT'S GOING ON....They couldn't tell me anything so I went outside screaming called. My dad in North Carolina and told him. I I then tried to shovel my are out. Due to snow I couldn't go anywhere so the local sheriff.came and got me. When we got there all I kept saying is.... where is.eithan is he okay take me too him I want to see him.... that when they told me sorry ms.******* but your son and his grandmother perished in the fire. This was a very hard loss. The year was two Years. He was just two weeks old-time died in the second month of the year. He was 2 weeks 2 days old-my baby boy is gone but will not be foregotten. I have a 13 month old son now and loosing eithan has made me to be a better mom

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