Dr. Sylvester Ikheloa Okoror

by Emma


“God give me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, wisdom to change the ones I can, and knowledge to know the difference.”

With the sunrise I walked beside you in my childhood
I felt how strong your hands were then,
Teaching me to take my first steps
Into this new world

It was your hands, your hands
Which did hold me from falling.
And now I feel bemused to see those same hands tremble,
As you edge your way through life
I want you to know, dear father,
What I have achieved in life.
Your every word of advice is what,
Has made me stand right.
I never knew, the last meal we had together,
Would be the last togetherness I’d ever share with you,
And when I turned to say goodbye,
Destiny willed it to be my farewell to you forever.
I pretend that you are still with me,
Teaching me those lessons of life.
To make myself a better human being,
And still stay a child at heart.
Now I hear your voice in my heart, I dream of being, what you were to me.
The loving selfless father
Teaching his child to take his first steps.

Your truthfulness is my zeal.
Your principles are the reins of my life.
Your simplicity, my adornment.
And your prayers, my existence.
I accepted when I remembered what a psalmist said “what man is he that liveth and shall not see death?” (Psalm 89v48)
It is easy to think of others having to keep this appointment with death, but difficult for us to remember that we too must keep same appointment. Death is appointed for all and the question of its occurrence is merely a matter of time. Adieu, papa adieu. I love you but God loves you more. You worked hard and your achievements are profound. Your departure is a great loss. May the almighty God grant you eternal Rest. Amen.


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