Diana Lynn (Harvey) Wymore

by Debbie Parker
(Little Rock, Ar)

Diane it's been six mths. since you left us & went to a better place. A lot has happened & I go to your door to tell you about things & then I realize you are really gone. I still can't believe that it's real. I've had a sister for 54 yrs. & now I have don't. I feel like part of me is gone & I don't know what to do when something happens & I can't tell my sister about it.

I do still feel your presence in this house & sometimes I even act like you are still here. I still call it your room & still refer to things as yours. Anyway there's a lot I need to talk to you about since you were the serious one & I was the one that thought that if you don't talk about it that it's not really happening.

I guess you know about D. & his heart condition. It's got me so scared that I'm going to lose him & I can't do anything about it. I feel so helpless!! And of course there's D. J. & his ordeal with T. I hate to see them breakup but if it wasn't for him being here I'd completely lose it.

And we got to go to his daughter's Graduation, then he took me out to eat. I think that's the first for us. He's changed so much & I'm so thankful & proud of him. I think he finally grew up.

I know you probably already know all this but I've got to tell you anyway. I know you are looking down on us but I forget that & think that I need to tell you everything. You probably know everything before I do.

S. comes by & visits & we get along great. T. also stops by & makes me laugh a lot even when I don't want to. It's still hard to believe that it's really him because he's changed so much. I'm just so Thankful that you got to see this side of him before you left. Well gotta go, talk to you later Love Ya!

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Dec 05, 2016
Missing you
by: Sissy

Dear grandma, we are expecting a little girl. It's amazing. Johnny is so happy and he wants to meet his baby sister. I wish u could see her and hold her and give her all ur great grandma kisses. I have lost relationship with dad. And that hurts so much. I miss having him around. Me and Michael are doing so good. And I can't wait to see him with our baby girl. He is such a good dad to johnny. He is gonna turn into a softie when he sees her I'm sure. I wish we could visit you jist for a hour or so and tell u all about everything else. You are cherished. We almost lost vickie a while back she had renal failure like u. She was in icu and I couldn't take it. I kept thinking of you and I couldn't keep myself calm and it was putting stress on the baby. I love you and I miss you everyday. I think of how I can never get so close to a person again bc I can't believe I made it through this heartache of loosing you. You were my everything, my angel to run to in times of sorrow.

Jan 03, 2015
by: sissy

Well grandma I miss you and have missed u terribly. It is one of the most terrible things I've dealt with. Johnny is laying next to us in bed sleeping. All the time he reminds me of me and you. I wish johnny couldve seen you and gotten to experience the most beautiful lady in the world. My dear grandma. I deal with things my own way, maybe it's reading old letters and just crying for a change or writing you letters to calm my grief. I am trying to mourn easily but it's hard. I love you grandma so much,.

Nov 09, 2012
your great grandson
by: Sissy

well grandma i just wanted to say that we are expecting a baby boy which you knew that already didn't you? mIss you very much . and i love you and think of you all the time. I think about how your voice was always so soft and you always knew what to say. I talked to kenny not to long ago. and i went to the casino for my 21 birthday and wished i never went. I tell you waht tho i didn;t get tired either. love you grandma . misss you more.

Jul 31, 2011
miss you
by: little b

i love and miss you aunt diana you were always able to calm me in times of deep confusion when no one else could even comprehend what i was goin thru not even myself i know you will always watch over this family

Jul 19, 2011
Missing you forever BF
by: Karen Kelley

I catch my self trying to call you at the times I need someone to talk to which that use to be you. God does comfort and teach you to enjoy what you have and be thankful always. no matter what you have always had that smile and thats what reminds me of you the most. i love and miss you and i know your rejoiceing with mommy, pipie, granny your dad and mother and my grandparents! see u one day your sister in Christ Karen

Jul 07, 2011
Gardian Angel
by: Sissy

Like im crying right now, the pain never gets better you just seemingly learn how to deal and try to cope.
i know wen i need my grandma the most she is here. i have barley touched her computer besides typing up her some letters on there and thats it.

something kinda funny: when i took those four test and showed positive, i was blank, then when i went to the doc and she said it was too early. then i bleed like freight train. i took it as grandma wanted a grand-baby so much that she took this one from me. and now shes gotit.

Also, shes in heaven rapping with Tu Pac and getting down with elvis.

I beielve that she always has a smile on her face now.

She is my gardian Angel, i know it.

Jun 15, 2011
A good nights sleep
by: Debbie Parker

Well I found out why I haven't slept good! Since you've been gone I haven't had but maybe a couple of nights of sleeping all the way thru the night & you know how bad it feels to wake up & not be able to go back to sleep. Since I made this Tribute site for you & got to tell you everything that was on my mind, I feel a sence of relief or peace now. I've slept like a baby the last few nights. I wanted to tell you that I saw Myrt at the VFW a few weeks ago & all she could talk about was how much fun you had at the Casino when you went. She misses you so much. She can't figure how how you played all night & didn't get tired when she did. She said she had never had that much fun with anyone else like the night you went, & she's went alot. Ben is staying here now & he has your old room. Mike's wife found out she had Melanoma & he moved back to H.S. to help take care of her. Gotta go, talk to you later

Jun 14, 2011
your letter
by: Janelle


I'm so glad to hear how helpful the letter writing process was for you. Thanks also for sharing about your friend who has written letters to his late wife. Writing is so healing. You may also enjoy some of my articles about grief journaling, as letter writing and journaling are a similar process and have the same benefits.

Keep writing your way to hope!

Jun 13, 2011
If I had only done this sooner
by: Debbie Parker

I can't even find the words to describe how I felt after writing that letter & being able to say that one more thing that I wished I had before it was too late. Or even let her know how i feel with her gone & be able to still talk to her about what's going on in my life (like I've done all my life). A friend of mine posted a memorial when his wife passed after almost 25 yrs. of a wonderful marriage. She's been gone almost 8 yrs. & he probably hasn't went even a week without writing her a letter & letting her know how much he still loves her & misses her & how the kids & grandkids are doing. It has been his lifesaver since she's been gone, now I can understand why.

Jun 13, 2011
by: kristie

This is awsome, i just wanted to say i love and miss you Diane:( im glad you are free of pain and in a better place now. tell my mommy i love her soooooooo much and will see her oneday!!!:)

Jun 13, 2011
Diane Harvey
by: Brenda

I love and miss Diane very much even thou it had been some years since I had seen her in person. I did have the joy of talking to her on the phone before she left this earth to be with the lord. Diane, we go back a long ways and I am sorry if I ever hurt your feeling in anyway. You and Debbie was always like sisters to me and I will never forget that. There is very few families who have divorces and split ups and still remain friends with the ex-in laws. I love and miss you very much and I will see you some day in heaven. Love always, your old friend(Brenda).

Jun 12, 2011
what a meaningful letter
by: Janelle

Hi Debbie,

Thanks for sharing your meaningful letter with the readers of our site. I often found it very meaningful to write letters to my late husband.

Just so you know, I have made a habit of taking out third party names and leaving the initial. I once had a problem with someone not being happy with what was written about them by someone else. I don't think anyone would have a problem with what you've written, but I just decided to make it a standard procedure.

May you find glimmers of hope and joy in life as you continue to learn to live without your sister by your side.

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