Deeply hurt by loss of husband left me for someone else

by Stephanie Jefferson

Lord help me,i can't do this by myself.I try to be strong everyday and focus on you through prayer but i am so weak and i can't help myself. I love H. J. so very much and can't understand why he has left me with no answers as to why he hurt me so deeply and left me for another woman.

I fall short of god's grace as well but we never had a chance to rebuild our marriage because the enemy kept interfering and now my husband has divorced me and went to the other person. Lord this is more than i can bear and i am trying to let go but i can't. I need you to help me i am lost and confused. I cry all the time, i don't eat or sleep, my heart is just hurt. Please lord god help me to pray. Pray for Heath, my sons truely miss their dad and don't understand why he won't even call. Help us lord. He married 3 months after we were divorced to the same woman who has interfered in my marriage for 12 years,i just need your father. Now this woman is starting to text me telling me how god put them together and how i need to forgive her and move on, please help me. I can't take no more.

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Apr 04, 2011
In similar boat, praying
by: Jason D

I feel your hurt. My wife got remarried less than two months after our divorce. We never had children, and I did petition due to her bipolar disorder and alcoholism. But I never wanted to completely cut her off or not stick by her to watch her reform if motivated. I am still close to her family. I knew she was planning on leaving to another state, but I didn't know it was to elope with another man until it actually happened. I would have never gotten the petition or I would have dropped it if I had known. I still lover her tremendously. I pray for God's will to be done in my life, yours, your ex-husband's who I see is still the love of your life, and my ex-wife's, that God place in them new hearts with the Holy Spirit, and if His will, lead them back to us, even in the midst of their new, rebound, unlawful civil marriages. Nothing is Impossible with God. May He bless you always.

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