Darlene Ryan

by LeAnn Ryan
(madera ca)

Darlene you were the closest to being perfect than any human I've ever met you gave me unconditional love in times when even my own mother couldn't or wouldn't you supported me in every way possible even when doing so was such an inconvenience to yourself you didn't turn your back on me when the things I was doing in my own life were causing you both overwhelming stress as well as great heartache and for that I never took the time to express to you my complete gratitude I took you and Harold for granted for so much for so many years and you were still the most loving and giving people towards me. I'm so sorry I have so much regret for the inconsiderate ways i treated you when all you did was give me love and encouragement i hope that where ever you are now you can forgive me although i know that i don't deserve it i am in so much denial with the loss of you that when i have those moments when reality hits my heart just breaks over and over and over i want you to know that i love soooooooooooooo veeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrryyyy much if only i had told and expressed that to you while you were here although i know it will most likely be a long time before we are together again i hope you will still have a place in that amazing heart of yours for me,words can not describe the extent to which you will be missed here and the love that we all have for you will never fade. Darlene I don't want to even close this letter because I feel like then that is the final good bye and i'm not ready for that you left us way to soon my babies didn't get enough time to spend with the most amazing grandma or as Devin used to put it graten. the tears are starting to flow so i have to end this note now i'll be speaking to you every night and at those times when i need my best friend who has always and i know will always be there for me love you soooo much or as
devin puts it love you too much graten

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