Dad I didn't know

by Deborah Mills
(North Carolina)

Only one attempt was made to contact me and no message was left! You were in hospital 11 hours before you passed. ELEVEN HOURS! I receive a call at 3:00am-you were deceased! I would have been there daddy! You were alone. I wonder were you conscious? Were you waiting for me? I DIDN'T KNOW! I hope you were not afraid! I am trying to get answers now! So complicated!

I later saw Delores made one attempt to call me! What was she doing 11 hours that she could not have called me! She didn't go to the hospital. Nursing home and Hospital had two contact numbers. When she did not come why didn't they contact both of us?

Daddy you may have been in the physical form alone but I have you in my heart. It Hurts but know I love you!

Your Dennis the Menice-Debbie

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Jan 05, 2013
sorry for your loss
by: Anonymous

I sm so so sorry with the lost of your father. I just lost my mom in October. I am lost, my heart is broken and I want to stop crying because my mother would not want me to keep doing that. My Mother also had DNR. The best that I can tell you is that you really had to honor his wishes. I wished that they would have called you first but your father whanted what he wanted. Not to leave you and the family but just not to suffer any more. I will pray for you.

Oct 17, 2012
I got copy of your medical
by: Debbie Mills

Your internal pacemaker needed repair-They used a external pacemaker and sedated you to repair internal. Meanwhile the called her and she said SHE HAD POA AND that you had DNR and to do nothing!
OVER THE PHONE they took her word. AND THEY LET YOU DIE!
My name was listed first! They did not call me.

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