Dad but fathy to all

by Elizabeth mwaura

16 years this month, you left us without a warning. It was not even in my wildest dream thought that your journey was around the corner and that's why that time found me attending other matters which looking now seems so inconsequential.

Dad, it hurt so bad that l was not able to come to see you in hospital that fateful evening. I still wish l did. Dad, l didn't know it will be darkest night in my life. My life turned upside down. And it has never been the same again. You stood by me when the very ground threatened to give way from under my feet. You had my back,dad.Y

ou always made me feel welcome when l sought refuge at home from the vagaries of life. I felt safe and so did my children. You loved us in your own unique way. You found it appropriate for us ladies to inherit something even before the constitution was put in place to allow that. That's how special you were.

I still feel the void you left in my heart.... You will forever have a special place in my heart,daddy. Rest in peace Kimani lkonya. Your doting baby girl. 😢😢😢

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