"""christopher paul cipponeri"""

by maria vilma cipponeri
(houston texas)

You are to me the most hansome guy that i have fallen in love with and am always filled with glee in anticipation
That i will come home to you eveyday
I'm so glad that you became my husband and i have no regretted doing
I still am in love with you..

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Oct 07, 2015
by: Anonymous

Happy birthday in heaven☁!!
We miss you 🌾

Feb 20, 2015
by: Anonymous

rest in peace u r missed and love.

Apr 23, 2014
My Brother
by: Jamie

Chris i miss u so much and i think bout u everyday.U are always in my thoughts. I still cant believe ur gone. I'll never understand why but i know in my heart u are with me and u are watching over all of us.. I have and will always be proud of the man came to be and the father and husband u were to ur family. We all love and miss u so much. U will always be in my heart and u and Brandon are the best brother anyone could ever have. I dont know if i will ever understand why it wuz u and not me but i promise to make better choices in my life and to be a better person.. I love and miss u everyday bro. LOVE ALWAYS UR BIG SIS,Jamie

Jul 09, 2013
I miss you Chris
by: Anonymous


Jan 09, 2013
by: vilma.cipponeri

I love you always be in my heart♡

Nov 06, 2012
kiki and max
by: vilma.cipponeri

We miss you more each day
We love you always

Nov 03, 2012
by: Ted Wagoner

TO: Maria Vilma Cipponeri
From: Ted Wagoner
I was so sick to read about Christopher's passing, I had no idea. Please contact me, i would really like to know what happen and how?? I'll keep you all in our thoughts and prayers and if ever I can do anything for you please ask..
Ted Wagoner

Nov 03, 2012
I love you
by: vilma cipponeri

I wish you're here with me and our kids miss you so much

Nov 02, 2012
So Sorry
by: Ted Wagoner

I can not believe that i am reading this. I am Ted Wagoner, you do not know me, but i knew Chris, well, and i loved him, please contact me somehow, email is twag_32746@yahoo.com call at 8595332502, or Fb at Ted Wagoner Georgetown Ky, twitter at @torpedoted69 . I would like to talk to ANYONE about Christopher and what happned, I know nothing at all. Was just doing a web search to get in touch with him when it popped up,,i am in a state of shock right now

Oct 28, 2012
miss u
by: tricia burdell

hi i will miss and love and think of you forever love your cousin

Oct 23, 2012
mi chiquito
by: vilma cipponeri

I love you baby.

Oct 17, 2012
by: vilma cipponeri

its so different without you,the days go by since you left they're so empty and quiet now i wished
I new what happened thay day you left what was in your mind and heart .i just pray everyday for strength to get from one day to the next,i will always love you my darling hug and kisses vilma

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