Beverly Mae Bundy

by Stephanie Bundy
(Centerville, UT)

One of the most wonderful memories I can think of at this moment of my Mother is the day my oldest son Austin Joseph Keene was born. There were complication with my pregnancy and it was determined that I was going to have to have a c-section. My Mom never left my side. She knew how scared I was about this operation and she did everything in her power, above the doctors, to try and stop it from happening. I had 115 fever and was told that if it didn't go down soon they would have to begin the operation. My Mom got cool wash clothes and put them on all my pressure points, my forehead, my wrists, my ankles. I just remember her love and concern and the touch of her hands comforted me and left me with a peace and calm that everything was going to be all right. That my Mom was there and no matter what happened everything was going to be just the way it was supposed to be.
My Mom was able to come into the operating room and be there by my side holding my hand while Austin was delivered. I remember she was brave and tried to look over the curtain to see what was going on but sat down quickly and took my hand again. I remember the joy and excitement on her face when Austin was delivered. She stood over the nurse and watched with patience while they cleaned Austin up. This was her first Grandson and she wasn't going to miss anything.
She sat by my side the whole time while I was recovering, even though the hour was late and she had to work the next day. She held my hand and talked to me and told me how beautiful my son was and how proud she was of me.
My Mom was always there for me no matter how big or how small. She was always there with her warm touch. I love you Mom.

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Sep 30, 2015
New AL/MS cousin
by: Wanda Spann Clark

I also feel connected by meeting sweet Heather Bundy Randall last week for a tv show. She said I have her mother's eyes, hands and personality. I look forward to meeting the rest of your family.

Sep 27, 2015
From a distant cousin
by: Jeff Downs

While researching your family for the show I was on with Heather, I came across the wonderfully written obituary for Beverly. Clearly she passed way too young, however, while I never had the pleasure of meeting her, I can tell through the obituary and comments by family the time she spent here on earth was special and with wonderful family and friends. Thank you for sharing her story with the world through online posts. You all were lucky to have such a wonderful lady in your life through Beverly, and I know you'll cherish those amazing memories you have of her.

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