beloved Brother... AJIT HARODE


This is for my brother, who met an accident on 30th May 1989 in a different region where he was gone for his studies, only to know it after a month’s search that he was dead on the spot and shown the remote place where he was buried.

My brother..
We are in pain, u left us 23 yrs ago, when you were just 18,
We are in pain, We could only hear that you were gone & will never see you again,
We are in pain & sorry that we couldn’t be with you in your last moments & even when you were dead..
We are happy…to have had you as a perfect son, loving & caring brother & a jolly friend
We are happy & eternally grateful to God….. for sending you in our family and enriching our lives with your presence.
We are happy…you are still alive in our beautiful memories & thoughts which will be cherished all through our lives

Don’t feel alone in your heavenly abode as we all are with you through our prayers for your good soul & sending our love to cushion you through your good sleep.
Rest in peace but never forget to visit in our dreams. Luv u Brother……


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