Baby Denny

by Karlee

baby Denny and his siblings

baby Denny and his siblings

My godmother's 16 month old baby loved the water.. he was a little water bug. Dawn( the mother) was on riding tractor cutting the grass and the father was in the garage fixing the weed whipper. the 2 other siblings were off doing their own thing while i was taking care of the baby.

My brother who i had not seen in 2 years called me up and asked if i wanted to go hang out. i said yes that would be nice and i told the mother that i was leaving and right when i got in my brothers car i made sure that baby Denny was going to be taken care of. he was in his fathers arms. about 25 minutes later when i got to my brothers my sister called me and told me that Denny had fallen into the garden pond and died......

when i got home i came to find out that after i had left the youngest daughter went to play with him in the pool and she had stopped watching him for just a second and he walked out the front door and a freshly weed whipped pond that he had never seen before looked very inviting.. Denny slipped on the the weeds and fell into the pond.

the youngest son ran over screaming and tried to revive him and dawn was to freaked out to calm down and preform CPR. she is so heartbroken.. and to top all of this off her husband just left her.. so i ask all of you please pray for the family. i loved that little boy so much and she really needs everyone support and help. THANK YOU!!!

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Jan 19, 2015
My deepest sympathy
by: Anonymous

Your story is so heart wrenching, and very sad. I am sooooo sorry for your huge loss. I know that your little boy is in a beautiful paradise, in the afterlife. That's what I believe, and God will take good care of him. He looks like a little sweetheart, and an angel. Please realize that after you get through the pain, then you can think of the good memories. And, I'm sure he brought you all much joy!
Keep the faith, and remember, baby Denny is just a thought away.

Jul 02, 2012
Baby Denny
by: Janelle (admin)

My heart goes out to Denny's mom, family and friends. If it were me, my mind would be whirling with all the "if onlys" that I could not change. I will keep this woman in my thoughts and prayers.

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