As a Son, As a Student, As a Soldier, As a Father and to end as a Friend

by Jaba Kumar

As a Son, I did not do much to my beloved father. I realized it only after he had gone for ever. He had shouldered me for night show movies till my age of 10 and many a times sat by side with expectations deep in his heart. At times he brought out what he expected of me, but I the son always remained childish and never could understand the pain until now as myself being a father.

My school days was bright and dreamy, but i was not brilliant enough. I sometimes now repent, that I had the capacity in me to do better, but always got lost in the worldly dreams. Once, remember my class teacher snubbing me that I will not even be a mere clerk with the standard of my education. But I did not realize it then, but saw my class teachers head dropping down, losing faith in me.

I started my journey as a soldier unknowingly at the age of 16. The hardship of soldiering thought me to turn back and see that what was at my hands reach,but missed it all the while in the worldly dreams.

My single journey was not worthy as a son, as a friend or as a person myself, but the women called wife who walked in my life suddenly added sensible life to my journey. when I was holding hands and no more alone or lost or dreaming, I crossed limitations and faced death on my face once, I truly learnt the value of life. My father suddenly became even more became valuable person, my family now became my own family and the value doubled day by day, but fear in heart threatened me how short it is going to be outlived. I lost in my life many a precious moments. Never heard the laughter of my little children of their childhood, never seen them grow up.

But as a good soldier, I have out lived all the backlogs in my life As a Son, As a Student, As a Father and to end as a Friend my soldiering as arisen me, and can see my father in heaven blush with happiness and pride. Would like to meet my teachers and school friends and would like to tell I am worthy of now since I gave my Yesterday, today and tomorrow for the future of many.....

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