Alasdair Neil Conlon

by Fiona Stewart
(England )

Alasdair I still can't believe that you're gone . you were so much loved by everyone who can in to contact with you . you were so like me in many ways , that same stubborn streak , that same lack of self confidence , shyness, that same way of thinking , that same vulnerability , that same caring nature , that same inability to cope with all that life throws at you . you made me laugh so much and so often in fact you still do just thinking about the things you said or did .

I don't think I could have loved you more if you were my own . there's a huge hole in my heart where you have been ripped away from me . I'm so sorry I couldn't save you . you were only with us a short time but you mean the world to us , you were so special .

I will aways remember you as my funny kind caring intelligent talented nephew . sweet dreams Alasdair .R.I.P. xxxxxxx

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