A Pillow can be a lonely place,(about my mother)

by Jean Laws

When each day was over were her night times filled with dread
When she was alone with those thoughts going round in her head
We never realise what a lonely place a pillow can be
When she was on her own with no one to see
Oh how I wish I could take that fear away
But she found her own strenght the very next day
She never showed us her fear
She didn't want us to know
I didn't want to see her suffer
Yet I didn't want her to go
The next day she looked at me not a word was said
We both understood no words were needed
In her eyes contentment instead
This came as no surprise she had a angel by her side
Please if its time Lord take her gently to your keep
This he did he took her in her sleep
Her pain and suffering had all gone
She was free from now on
I still feel my mother close to me in every way
And I thank God for his kindness on that day
Was it only in my mind how afraid she must have been
A pillow is not such a lonely place or so it seems

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