A Pillar In The Community

by Linda J. Kerry
(Sicily Island < La.)

The Town of Sicily Island has designated June 04 , 2017 as the Excellena Williams Memorial Day. Excellena ( Tammy ) Williams was a pillar in the community. Tammy as we all referred to her was a woman wearing many Hats. She had a genuine love for children. She had no children yet she had so many. Children are a gift from God and Tammy embraced that gift. Tammy automatically connected to the children. They loved her and she love them. She was always reaching out and touching a child's life. She was a hard worker Tammy labor tirelessly throughout our community neighboring communities and our churches. She explored avenues to improve our town and labor to provide activities for our youth. She believed that the children are our future , she believed that we should train them up and let them lead the way them She had a HEART for the Children and Elderly. Tammy was a leader and she worked hard in our community.

She was loyal and had no respecter person. Just as Jesus she saw no color Tammy saw people. Tammy loved her community , she welcome challenges and struggles that she encountered daily. Just like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.. she had a dream and a purpose to fulfill. She was a listener and every single call was important to her. What you said mattered. She embraced change and her love for her community, friends, children, parent and everyone was evident.

Excellena was a woman of Faith. She was Anointed, Holy Ghost Filled and Appointed by the Lord. She lived the life she talked and sang about. The ministry of music was an Extradionary gift. When she played the piano by ear the music profound and touching. Anytime she would sing a song the story came to life and ministered to your HEART. If she could not support you she would not tare you down. she gave good sound advise. The word of God was her sword!

We miss Excellena ( Tammy ) Williams and we shall forever cherish her memories. She was the founder and organizer for the Sicily Island Choir of Faith , Children on Board. Tammy played for many Churches. Some of the songs she was famous for : Precious Lord , Your Grace and Mercy , Glory! Glory ! Hallelujah ! When I Make It To The City It's Gonna Be Alright and so many more. The gift of words is -one- of -a- kind present that can't be purchased at any store and has lasting value that goes beyond any material object. We truly miss this entrepreneur who had so much to offer to our community and our lives. Tammy embraced her family with love , support and compassion. We shall forever miss you and we cherish your memories. We are asking all churches to commemorate the life , legacy and memories of Excellena ( Tammy ) Williams in Church June 4 , 2017 ( this Sunday ). We ask that you praise the Lord and let everything be done in descent and in order. The tribute will conclude on Sunday Evening First Baptist Out Reach , Rev. Eric Price / Pastor 6:30 P.M. Sicily Island , La.

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