A Parents Pain

by Safia Mohamed Alli
(South Africa Pretoria)

A Parents Pain
Without you I feel so alone Natanya
Yet others say I should be strong
They do not understand this pain I feel
This pain has no Words My life feels so unreal
I’m struggling to face this week in fear of your Birthday
As I stare into the mirror and say to myself,
I must be strong for my two kid’s sake
I wish this was just a dream Natanya… just a mistake
Your Birthday is so hard to face
Seems a part of me is really misplaced
No more singing happy birthday early in the morning
To get you up ….or even rubbing cake all over your face.
The hardest count down to a day I thought I’d cherish
But ………
Somehow I'll manage to get through this day
Because I know in my Heart is where u’ll always BE..
I now only await your birthday pain where you won’t be Natanya.
16 February my child will never be the same.

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