A beautiful but sad goodbye

by Brenda Mcbride
(Temecula, Ca.)

My wonderful father passed into eternity in March of 2011. We got the wonderful chance to express feelings of gratitude, love and appreciation for one another. It was very heartbreaking for me, but very cleansing at the same time. My dad was a very respectful, honorable man and a fabulous father. He loved his family, and put us first, before himself. Watching his cancer spread killed me, almost literally. My life turned upside down the day my dad passed. He went peacefully, with dignity. My dad will always be loved for his calm, cool, caring and wonderful
outlook. I don't think I will ever meet anyone like my dad.
He was a role model and known for his honesty and dignity.
Things have changed so much since his passing, as I have changed. I am not the same person, everything that is heart breaking changes us. Hopefully for the better! I realize that we can't hold on to anyone. We all have to go some day. Death is just a transition into our next life. A more
peaceful, contented life where there's no more death or sadness. We must accept that death is another part of life.
The pain we feel is so intense, it seems unbearable when we loose our loved ones. But, we will one day see them again. So, stay strong and keep on going. They are just a thought away!

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