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Grief and Choices

Do You Have a Choice?

Recently on the bereavement stories page someone posted that she had no choice in her daughter’s death, and she has no choice but to keep living. How true. Far too many important choices in life are taken away from us—as readers of the website have reason to know.

Yet we all have to find ways to keep living. What choice could you make today that would offer you a better sense of well-being?

My Choice

About a year before my husband, died we purchased a piece of property near some family members in Virginia. We mostly bought it for an investment with the vision that someday we might retire there. Five years ago, I had no choice when that vision was taken away from me.

This past spring, however, I did some number crunching. I realized that due to cost of living differences, I would have less financial strain living on that property in VA than in living Lancaster County, PA. So I evaluated all the other pros and cons of such a move and made a choice to move. It has been a very good choice for me.

Your choice may no be as drastic as moving to a new state, but I invite you to spend some time reflecting on what choices you could make that would help you keep living.

Due to reason beyond my control with upgrades being done with my internet provider, I have not been able to upload or email new photos for months. So this photo is already posted elsewhere on the site, but it is such a restful image for me at times when choices seem scarce.

New to the Site

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  • Prayer for Depression is an article with some prayer suggestions for those who are struggling with depression.
  • Holly Haas of Caring for Carleigh shares her story of receiving an anencephaly diagnosis several months into her pregnancy with Carleigh.
  • Soaring Spirits Loss Foundation Director Michele Neff Hernandez became a young widow in 2005 and in the space of a few years instigated the formation of an organization that is helping many widowed people and others work through their bereavement.
  • Bethany Tobin's Art and Grief Bethany grew up in Thailand, where she met Sombong. Sombong's life was filled with injustice and pain. She died of AIDS in her early twenties. Bethany turned to drawing and painting to work through her anger and emotions.

Feel free to contact me if you think of anything that would be a helpful addition to the site. Also feel free to pass this newsletter on to anyone you might know who would find it helpful.

May you find peace today for your journey,